Guest Post, Spotlight & Giveaway: KILLER DEADLINE by Lauren Carr

Originally posted on Cassidy's Bookshelves:
As part of a blog tour organized by iRead Book Tours, I am honored to have Lauren Carr as my guest as she celebrates the release of her latest book – Killer Deadline.   Enjoy! How Editors Are Like Hair Stylists  by Lauren Carr When you get too old…

What does a Mystery Author do when Locked Down? She Starts a New Series!

Killer Deadline is scheduled for release (print and ebook!) on April 23, 2020. But you can pre-order your ebook now! Just click on the link below!

Tell Me Again Why Mystery Writers Need to Do Research

I love Forensics Files. Most mystery writers do. It has everything! Mystery. Crime. Good guys struggling against all odds to identify and catch the bad guy. Not only that, but they use today’s science to uncover those tiny little clues and explain it in plain English for non-scientific folks like me. Admittedly, as a mysteryContinue reading “Tell Me Again Why Mystery Writers Need to Do Research”

Wanna Join My Street Team?

Do you have people? It seems like anyone who is “anybody” has “people.” If you don’t have “people” then you aren’t “anybody.” Even in today’s world of social media where you can reach thousands of people with simply a keystroke–you need people to spread the word. those people are called a “Street Team.” So anyway,Continue reading “Wanna Join My Street Team?”

Me and My Muses

Anyone who has read any of my books learns one thing instantly about me: I love, I mean love, animals. I can’t help it. I grew up on a farm surrounded by dogs, cats, cattle, even a pony. I’ve had animals my whole life. So, it would be only natural that I would choose aContinue reading “Me and My Muses”

First, I Do Know How to Spell “Lady.”

As much as I would like to say that this is a clever trick to make you remember me, I have to confess it’s not. The Mystery LADY was already taken when I set up my Twitter account years ago, so I decided to stick with it when I set up this blog.

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