Wanna Join My Street Team?

Carrs Phantoms FA-01

Do you have people? It seems like anyone who is “anybody” has “people.” If you don’t have “people” then you aren’t “anybody.”

Even in today’s world of social media where you can reach thousands of people with simply a keystroke–you need people to spread the word. those people are called a “Street Team.”

So anyway, recently, I decided to branch out in book promotion. With my twenty-third book coming out in October, it wasn’t a case of “Oh, I just published a book, now what do I do?” It was actually a case of, “How do I branch out my readership to reach new readers who have never heard of Lauren Carr?”

Crimes Past is Lauren Carr’s 23rd novel, available now for pre-order.

I needed fresh ideas and found Mary Walewski of Buy the Book Marketing. How did I find her? Truthfully, I went hunting. When I saw a picture of Izzy’s obedience school graduation pic on her homepage, I knew I found my woman. I instinctively trust people who like dogs … and cats … and fish … and iguanas. She was the first of “my people.” I guess we would call her a “person.” But I’m well on my way to having “people.”

After a few video chats, Mary suggested that I get together a street team.

“Is that like paying street people to go around asking folks to read my book?”

“No,” Mary said, “a street team, not people, is a group of fans who canvas the internet looking for places to promote your books. They scour internet sites, blogs, books stores, cafes, libraries, book clubs–anyplace to spread the word.” Then, she used a word that she knew I would immediately connect with. “Think of them as your own personal stalkers.”

When you work with a murder mystery writer, you need to put things in their own terms.

Thus, I am now forming a street team, a team of stalkers, searching for places to spread the word about Lauren Carr’s mysteries.  It seems only appropriate that I should call my people “Carr’s Phantoms.”

Do you think you have what it takes to be one of Carr’s Phantoms?

You don’t have to be a crazy, rabid fan, but I hope you’re crazy enough about my books to tell other people about them. Here are some of the perks I’ve dreamed up for you:

  • Membership in an exclusive Facebook group just for Carr’s Phantoms. I’ll be there regularly to share info, answer your questions, and just hang out.
  • Spring Thaw
  • Personally autographed copy of Spring Thaw, a Chris Matheson Cold Case Novella. Since I am only publishing this in ebook and audiobook, this will be a rare gift given only to Carr’s Phantoms.
  • Autographed hardback copy of A Reunion to Die For. This hardback, my second published mystery, has been taken out of circulation. There are only a few copies of these. Once they’re gone, they will be no more. They are “limited editions.” Or–
  • A personally autographed hard copy of any mysteries that are currently in my personal inventory.
  • A monthly newsletter or video chat.
  • Participate in contests to name characters in upcoming books.
  • Advance sneak peaks of scenes of upcoming books.
  • And more!

Are you wondering just want it takes to become a phantom? As one of Carr’s Phantoms, your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to:

  • Tell people you know about Lauren Carr’s books and share these international best-selling mysteries with friends & family to help spread the word.
  • Ask your local library and your local bookstore to order my books.
  • Recommend Lauren Carr’s mysteries books to any and all appropriate book clubs to which you are connected. Tell them that Lauren Carr is available for personal appearances either in person or via webcam.
  • Leave promo materials at local bookstores, coffee shops, or library – with permission!
  • Pre-Order every Lauren Carr Mystery or buy during the first week of release – this helps get books on bestseller lists.


  • Join in any big social pushes for releases or announcements.
  • Review the books as soon as possible at online retailers with your (honest) thoughts. (Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Audible, iTunes, to name a few)
  • Feature interviews, reviews, excerpts or anything else on your blog, website, Facebook, etc…
  • Follow Lauren on every virtual book tour. Post comments at every stop and post links on your social media. If you live close enough to in-person appearances, stop by. You’ll have fun and I’ll make sure I have a special gift just for my Phantoms.
  • Visit during other online appearances like chats and blog tours.
  • Connect me with people you know who you think would be interested.

The main requirement to become one of Carr’s Phantoms is to get involved (as much as you’re comfortable with) and HAVE FUN! As we get into things, I’ll be dreaming up new things for us to do and more perks to thank you for being part of my street team. (then I can say I have “people” which will make me “anybody.”

If you feel you are up to the task of being a phantom, please fill out the Google form to get on my list. I’ll send you an invitation to join our exclusive Facebook Group and send you the Welcome Packet with the free books.


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